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We are open every day from the 4th November until the 22nd December

4th November – 26th November: 10am to 5pm
27th November – 22nd December: Monday – Saturday 9am to 7.30pm  – Sundays 9am to 5pm
We have late night opening on certain dates through December:
We are open until 8pm on 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th December.

The Rainford family have been serving the local community with farm produce since 1858. We continue to this day, although in a different form of produce. Christmas Trees, Vegetables and cereals are still grown on the farm, but these are grown on a commercial basis for processing.

Christmas and Christmas Trees have now become the biggest part of the farming business with over 50,000 trees growing at any one time.  Following the erection of a beautiful, wooden, alpine style barn in 2016, which houses the alpine style Christmas village, We are keen to make the farm a “must visit” destination for all of your Christmas requirements.
We appreciate any comments that will help us provide a better experience.

In addition to home grown Christmas Trees, we will have a range of traditional decorations and accessories, to enhance your home at this special time of year.

To complement your visit we will be offering a small selection of festive related food and drinks. This includes late night opening on selected evenings, to enjoy a warm or alcoholic drink in a festive surrounding.

Come and warm yourself in front of the log burners, indoor and outdoor, cuddle up in one of our secluded cabins on a dark night. Visit Our retail shop to find out more.

Choose where you would like to go for a selection of items to buy online, for delivery or reserve for collection.

Product categories

Types of Christmas Trees

Nordmann fir

Our most popular Christmas Tree. It gives excellent needle retention, with nicely layered branches. It can be quite bushy and the tops a little sparse on some trees. There is not much fragrance from this tree.

We have them as cut trees in class 1 & 2. Class 2 are just lighter branched, a bit sparse on top, and may have a fault like a flat side or twisted top. It still gives excellent needle retention, and looks perfect when decorated. Give one a home for Christmas!

We have Nordmann available as pot grown or dug up with roots, up to about 5 foot. Anything bigger and the root system is unmanageable. It is always recommended to start small and be patient if you want to grow your own tree.

Nordmann fir Christmas tree

Fraser fir

Beautiful natural looking tree with excellent needle retention and a pleasant citrus fragrance. Appearance can appear a bit uneven, not as regular shaped as a Nordmann and tend to be slimmer. This tree is ideal if space is restricted, but overall a fantastic tree, my favourite!

We have these also in class 2, still excellent needle retention and fragrance, but a bit irregular shaped.

We have Fraser available as pot grown or dug up with roots, up to about 5 foot.  Anything bigger and the root system is unmanageable. It is recommended to start small and be patient if you want to grow your own tree.

Fraser fir Christmas tree

Noble fir

This is said to be King of the Christmas trees. It is very difficult to grow, with significant field losses, which leads to a high cost of production. It has excellent needle retention and a true Christmas fragrance.

This tree is only available as cut trees, from 5-8 foot.

Noble fir Christmas tree

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas Tree, perfect shape and fragrance. Sadly this tree has very poor needle retention, due to our modern, centrally heated houses. It is a great tree for outdoors: be it a small one for by your front door, or a 10-15’ one on the front garden, even up to 40 foot for a town centre.

Norway spruce Christmas tree

Lodgepole pine,

This tree has excellent needle retention, with a pleasant pine aroma. This was once a very popular tree, but has given way to Nordmann and Fraser. Not to everyone’s taste, but still a few diehards demand them.

Relatively inexpensive tree in comparison.

Lodgepole pine Christmas tree

Blue spruce,

Good looking tree, with a delicate blue/green colour. It has an unusual fragrance, quite sharp needles with poor retention if used indoors. This tree is ideal outdoors or as a pot grown tree.

Blue spruce Christmas tree

Trees with roots

You are welcome to come and dig your own tree from our fields or we can lift it for you, the bigger the tree the bigger the root system, so go smaller for ease of handling and a better chance of survival.

Trees with roots

Trees grown in pots

We have a choice of Christmas Trees up to about 6’ including the pot. Ideally you should plant them straight out side and use a cut tree for indoors. There is a higher failure rate from pot grown trees that have been indoors and then planted outside

Tree grown in pots

Gift trees

We have available a securely packaged, 3’ pot grown tree suitable as a gift for Babies first Christmas, first Christmas married, first Christmas in new house or whatever you choose. These can be posted anywhere in the U.K. Except the highlands & islands. They will be attractively packaged in a jute bag.

Gift Tree
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